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This project is part of a series that focuses on responsible fashion and innovative efforts to solve problems in the fashion industry and the general accumulation of waste. Plastic is a material that will not disappear from the earth anytime soon once it enters circulation. In kitchens all over the world, plastic packaging hides in waste, unfortunately far too little and meticulously separated. In addition to the economic implications, the social and political environmental issues in particular are coming to the fore. Behind every office and kitchen door, plastic waste collects in the form of films and bags. Unisex lapel buttons were created from old rescue film scraps, with a initially print run of 100. To continue the retail beta project, plastic film scraps were collected, cleaned and then given new life with 24 karat. Despite the increased ban on plastic bags, there is still far too much plastic packaging in circulation. The raw material plastic is derived from petroleum and, as a non-fossil resource, is as valuable as the scarce resource gold. Both resources come from the earth and are finite, but this planet can unfortunately soon no longer recover from man-made resource exploitation. Behind every material is a value that is worth money. Thus, with this project, the materials are considered "pure gold".The pin-on buttons let existing clothing shine to new splendor and can be shared or even given away.



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